March, 2013

Take this warning!

Have you signed up for your Met Office alerts & warnings?
They are great, simple, effective and will come to your email inbox and allow you to plan. WARNINGS are posted on the Climate Vision Facebook Page, but not ALERTS (issued today), but you can see the benefit of knowing. If the ground is already wet and the Met Office deem it necessary to alert us, it is helpful, especially if the situation escalates to a Warning.
Take a little time to navigate around this page, get to know it, embrace it and then let the Met Office do the sterling job they do. ‘Amber’ really is one to get up and do something and ‘RED’, as a Climate Vision follower (thank you) keen to get #ClimateReady, we would ask you to share the post and be active in the lead up to it. Climate Vision shared a warning that was seen by someone in another area, who looked out of their window and ended up helping people out of their flooding homes. Please don’t underestimate the power you have with Facebook and the ability to help from the safety of your deskchair. Likewise, we do not want to make people become bored with warnings, hence the alerts will not be posted here, remember these are not Forecasts, they are Warnings – thanks so much for your time. Please let us know how you got on.

Here comes the rain again

A stunning sunny day that put smiles on everyone’s faces ended in grim rain – again!

What a shame, so let’s find something positive to focus on – especially in the light of a recent EA quote: Every £1 spent on adaptation could save £4 in damages

Have you checked your flood risk? Before you move away from this blog – just think for a moment how many people wished they had. Climate Vision is offering businesses in Cornwall a quickie £40 insight into their risk. You can then get on with it yourself and your staff, or of course we can help you further. Get in touch if you haven’t planned for flooding at work. or 07909 530 730

Resource Efficiency Audits Booked during Climate Week – half price!

Would you like to improve the resource efficiency of your operations?

Climate Vision is offering businesses in Cornwall the opportunity to:

  • Audit your work place to minimise the impacts of waste, water, energy and transport use
  • Establish clear £ & CO2 savings
  • Turn environmental problems into enterprising solutions


What can we expect?

  • TO SAVE MONEY A recent local audit established a venue in Cornwall with over 130k visitors a year might save £7000 just by fixing one stuck tap!
  • A SITE VISIT Providing you with a brief to get cracking. We will give you an Audit List of things we need to make everything faster and cheaper for you.
  • THE AUDIT Being accompanied by a caretaker will make the audit much more efficient and all valuable options explored.
  • ACTION We will provide you with a report and list of easy actions to do taking care to make clear priority areas.


What you can do now…

You can contact us today or 07909 530 730 to take up the opportunity to embrace resource efficiency and turn it into a set of proceedures, before you waste any further money or find something more important to do because this is a little boring – or is it? £7000!!!

For you as a company we might place you a in a better financial situation, together as companies we can enjoy the knowledge and publicity that you can sleep well at night saving tonnes of carbon by saving wasted water and other resources. Have you ever thought how much carbon goes into making sure water comes out of your tap?

Looking forward to hearing from you