November, 2014

Climate Vision in London

So if you are in London Friday week why not come and say hi to us before our slot at the Flood Defence Expo?

Our talk will be 15:30 – 16:00 on Friday 5th December in Hall 2.

The organisers thought our approach was unique and liked our story about preventing flooding. It will be great to meet up with others and see the great equipment now available for those who will suffer flooding regularly, but can then learn to live with it.

We must learn to live with it, but in doing so need to recognise the need to preserve ourselves and get to grips with the reality check of Climate Change. It’s not pretty; it involves hot topics like population, profit and prediction. There’s a pattern there…

Have a listen to Dr Stephan Harrison Associate Professor of Quaternary Science at Exeter talk about his view a week ago to BBC Radio Cornwall, starting form 4minutes in after hearing from a flood victim and Defra’s view


If you fancy a chat, do get in touch and there is a good ‘P’ – products…


Interstellar Thinking

Fantastic to watch the film and the variety of debates afterwards. Please do go and see it soon, stick with it, don’t question too much, but enjoy the wake up the next day and your powerful drive and realisation why you are here! Well done, you made it! Now perhaps you’d like a re-cap and have ten minutes to understand the current state of play. Then perhaps you could have a play with some of the elements.

So we have a lack of finances for the basics in the world right now so the outcome of the film….is unlikely, so best make do with what we have here. Now if you add all this lot up, thinking when man made first invented the wheel, Richard Trevithick etc – now let’s get back to you – what are you going to do?