January, 2015

Buying a house?



I barely slept a wink last night – was it the late night curry, the gossip in the pub or the massive reality check hearing it lovely and large from the experts direct to government yesterday “20, 000 houses are being built a year are at risk of flooding, 4000 at significant risk” .

So my dears, we can labour the development argument, but really, this meeting that took place, clearly said this kind of development is making us lose resilience to flooding.

Wake up!  I know you are bored already – I’m the one that didn’t sleep remember??!?! Thank you!

So what can you do?

Email your MP now – just a quickie – send a link to this if you like – just copy and paste this: “Is this true?  Could you tell me what are you going to do regarding this over the next month? We need immediate change, please” Please add your address or they won’t reply, thanks.

This is a great time to do it – everyone wants a vote!

Secondly, take responsibility for yourself, or at least talk about it as the policy won’t catch up in time – and if we had a pound for every poor soul that flooded that said “It won’t happen to me” we would probably be on a beach somewhere now…

But we do care about YOU, so please enjoy taking your action above – be in the pink and hit that link!

Well done YOU! Be proud, pat yourself on the back

If you need back – up watch the stream especially if you are buying a house you better watch 15:02-15:07 at least!

P.S. 12,000 new homes are being built a year that the EA don’t even have to comment on…..just saying



Preparing for the Climate throughout Lent – Fancy a Sofa Session?

In preparation for the Autumn’s Climate Week do you fancy a free coffee in the Cathedral to get ready?

Last month I took part in an Incident Management Practice – it was so exciting and involved bad weather, a roof flying off, subsequent fires and explosions – yes one fatality too – but by being better prepared that number remained at one and not hundreds. These things will happen, but those switched on people can now boast, that ‘one’ probably wouldn’t happen in a real event, because they have accepted the risks and likelihood and planned for them. Three hours after the ‘one’ left the scenario a team of people looked at each other, enthused, rejuvenated and in a situation to commence normal activities within 2-3 days not 3-4 months if ever.  Shortly this site will post and develop evidences of what people are doing, to encourage YOU to catch up if you haven’t. Getting resilient is fun, speak to me today and thrive off the experience! Not only can you save a lot of trauma, you can save your business money.

So this blog is actually about The Sofa Sessions about coming and having a chat about Climate Change, with a FREE coffee – yes the best things in life are FREE and you can book up yours by emailing or calling 01872 241239

All you have to do is come into the Cathedral, enjoy the display at the front by the entrance to the cafe, meet me there at the arranged time, and we will go into the Cafe for a chat and a coffee for half an hour at the most.

I look forward to meeting you, if you would like to know more listen to this radio piece, then please do send an email and let me know your preference 1.30pm or 2pm any weekday through lent (18/2/15-5/4/15).

Luci Isaacson MSc

climate week