May, 2015

Newsletter – a ticket to resilience

Domenico Ragozzino

Thank you to Domenico Ragozzino who is currently undergoing an internship with Climate Vision, for creating the first Climate Vision Newsletter.


Bravo Domenico, it is a cracking read and wonderful we can give people the trusted access to the doom and gloom but also provide a ticket to resilience and decent carbon cutting (that also saves people money and keeps them in better health).

Domenico is pictured above talking to supporters of the Crowd Funder at the pre-launch event. 


Climate Vision Newsletter




Carbon Logic – it’s working – thanks!

Four days into our Crowd Funder and we are 37.2% on target, we are delighted. We would like to invite you to share our project and invite your family, friends and colleagues to get involved. If your family and friends live in Truro they can benefit from getting their money back in discount at the local grocer, if they live further afield they can get more than their pledge back if they were going to buy a bike this year – both link back to our original Top Ten Carbon Cutting Pledges. If you want to share with a business owner you know they can put a big tick next to their CSR box and also benefit from publicity, deeper involvement in the project as well as benefit from a half price or free Flood Risk Snap shot.

An earlier blog post will tell you why we are doing this, here is a little film and detail about it and the button you can press to make pledge, it won’t come out of your bank account unless we reach target at the end of May

Carbon Logic Poster


Thank you!