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Interstellar Thinking

Fantastic to watch the film and the variety of debates afterwards. Please do go and see it soon, stick with it, don’t question too much, but enjoy the wake up the next day and your powerful drive and realisation why you are here! Well done, you made it! Now perhaps you’d like a re-cap and have ten minutes to understand the current state of play. Then perhaps you could have a play with some of the elements.

So we have a lack of finances for the basics in the world right now so the outcome of the film….is unlikely, so best make do with what we have here. Now if you add all this lot up, thinking when man made first invented the wheel, Richard Trevithick etc – now let’s get back to you – what are you going to do?

££££££ Roll Up Help a Neighbour Over Harvest Festival – Apply Now

Great news!

Do you know anyone affected by the winter floods?

Do they live in Cornwall?

Great – Together WE can help protect them this winter, but they MUST APPLY NOW! Up to £5000 for people who have suffered flooding into their homes from a government grant, this can pay for things like a simple flood gate for a door which costs about £400.

By inspiring and creating a vision – we can together enable people to embrace what is happening and not wait to become a victim again.

Please do get in touch with people you know and help them apply as this is a very traumatic thing that many want to turn a blind eye to or see it as too much bother. It is highly likely it will happen again and taking this action will make insurance challenges in the future less complicated. You can hear more now on the BBC Radio Cornwall link below, but please do take the opportunity to help a neighbour this Harvest Weekend and make the application here as the fund runs out next month. Thank you

Last week I went to Harvest Eucharist at my daughters school we were asked to stop and think about how we share…and how people are able to gain access to food or gifts. Perhaps we can use that thinking here?

Do any readers know someone who flooded last winter? Please do let them know. Have a good weekend.

Bravo! Let’s face the music!

Bravo the Committee on Climate Change who advise the UK Government – the latest report is cracking!

Have a read, go on – you only need to read the Exec Summary. It’s the most confident document delivering the message “Increases of two degrees or more will bring major challenges for public well-being and the economy, and the risk of dangerous and irreversible impacts.” Yes, it horrid, but it’s TRUE. Some people don’t want to hear that truth, but how can we possibly plan for the erratic near future, without knowing what we are talking about?

If your drifting now then you are falling into the ‘inevitable camp’  –  “As governments grapple and attempt to prioritise long term objectives related to impacts, which draws on contexts beyond natural science – confusion about evaluation of ‘dangerous’ climate change, is inevitable” (Oppenheimer 2005). Yup – he said that 8 years ago – he also said: ‘If the Greenland Ice Sheet melted causing 5-7m sea level rise, people would then debate how ‘dangerous’ that would be!!!!’

So why wait for trouble, let’s adapt now, as we know what’s a coming. 

Page 8 “Businesses that fail to anticipate climate change risk their own failure.” 

Page 9 “investing in improving resilience “

Page 9 “By the 2040s, half of all summers are expected to be as hot, or hotter, than in 2003 when tens of thousands of people across Europe died prematurely. “

Page 10 “specific advice is not provided on thousands of minor planning applications in the floodplain each year.”

Page 11 “Climate change is expected to increase the risk of interruption and financial loss to businesses but may also present opportunities for those able to take advantage of changing market conditions. Some larger companies are assessing climate risks, including those to their supply chains, and are responding accordingly. However, there is little evidence of action by small and medium-sized enterprises.”

Call us for a Flood Risk Snapshot, which includes heat and other surprises Climate Change will deliver, getting you ready and ahead.

There may be trouble ahead,
But while there’s moonlight and music and love and romance,
Let’s face the music and dance.

managing climate risks to well-being and the economy



Trashed on the Radio

If you have been lucky enough to see Trashed, the fantastic film Jeremy Irons has made, you will know it stirs up a heck of a spirit inside you over the hour and a half its playing. It rips out your heart, massages it, prods it, strokes it – pops it back in place and then it beats faster and re-ignites your very grounded thinking and you can’t stop – thinking and doing LESS WASTE!

Last year I was invited to watch the film in a small room by the St Dennis Branch of the Cornwall Waste Forum. The next day I asked Canon Philip Lambert if we could show it in the Restaurant in Truro Cathedral. He agreed and last November we saw 100 people watch the film and instantly become vividly inspired and ready for action. A new group was formed, temporarily called Trashed Truro and four meetings have been held.

I have to say its actually one of the most exciting things to see, an instant turnaround from all our habits to major action and enthusiasm! The Group have all tested themselves before soon asking the public to do Pledge No 2, to try and buy 2 locally sourced meals a week. It isn’t easy, but the stories that have unfolded in trying are fantastic! It’s impossible to write it how it is. The Inspiring Women’s Network watched the film last week and we had a talk afterwards. The members are like Waste Dynamos – with brilliant ideas being posted on the Facebook page and fantastic messages to’ing and fro’ing.

On Sunday (very early in the morning) I was asked to go into Radio Cornwall to talk to Donna Birrell about the Sofa Sessions I have been holding in the Cathedral, The Carbon Fast and Trashed Truro. It was great, you can listen here (until Sunday) from 1:25:15 – 1:36:01 and later on Nourallah Chakroun from The Inspiring Women’s Network was on the same Radio Show talking about the film 2:33-2:42.

So the point for all those people not yet involved? You are invited to come to Truro Cathedral, Friday June 6th to see the film – in the Cathedral. Please put the date in your diary. In a week there will be tickets available from the Cathedral Office in Truro 01872 276782. If you are far away – isn’t it holiday time? Come and see us, we’d love to see you. Mostly this is about having a chat,  bouncing ideas around and refreshing our habits – please do join us?

Competition – any comments to re-make our movie?

What do you think? Shall we enter this simple film to this competition? Movie on 20-03-2014 at 11.33

The competition detail is here – fancy making a movie with us?

Please put your comments under the movie post here

Thank you VERY much

Cracking news – say thanks?

Wow! From Greenpeace:

Members of the European Parliament have passed a resolution to promote the protection of the Arctic environment.This is huge and it’s a massive step forward for our campaign!

The resolution calls for a conservation area in the waters around the North Pole. It also stresses the need for an agreement in the Arctic Council to prevent pollution from oil drilling (something which, astonishingly, the council currently doesn’t have) and calls for a ban on industrial fishing.

Now, I’m not breaking out the party hats just yet – it’s still early days for this resolution and as with all political processes, a lot still needs to happen before we see our goal become a reality.

But let’s take a moment to think about how far we’ve come: just two years ago, nobody was demanding a protected sanctuary around the North Pole. Since then, we’ve grown into a 5 million strong movement. We’ve taken part in peaceful protests, signed petitions and joined forces in hundreds of ways to challenge Shell, Gazprom and other Arctic oil drillers everywhere they go.

And today, our concerns have made it onto the agenda of one of the most powerful political bodies in the world. That’s pretty amazing.

At times like these it’s easy to forget to say thank you, let’s not forget, let’s take the time to say thanks to those people with the job of listening to all ears, understanding all ideas and making massive decisions on a daily basis. They made a great start here and YOU are the ones that can enable them to carry on protecting your world. To do that click here, pop in your postcode, a few clicks and you are there. They want to hear from you, simple, short – from YOU.

If you are feeling left out on this massive success – or know someone who ignores all these things but has Grandchildren? You can invite them to sign up here then they have something spectacular to tell their Grandchildren!

Now, go out and enjoy yourself, reasons to be cheerful 1 2 3!


P.S. Well done MEPs passing a resolution to promote the protection of the Arctic environment @grahamwatsonmep Results on 

Business Rate Relief & Having A Chat

sofa sessionsPrevention is better than cure, I will refrain from using BUT as I think there’s a whole research topic on how many times we use BUT when we talk about Climate Change. Mostly, to be be honest, we can’t be bothered, we don’t want to give up all our luxuries and would prefer it if everyone stopped going on about it. The reality is – you will experience Climate Change in your lifetime, you already are and you see it on the news all the time. Rev it up a great deal and that’s what your young family will be dealing with. Can you think about that for longer than a minute?

No – well you possibly are in a club of people who are scared, annoyed, too busy- you know really it’s time to look at YOUR value in the world, your place and how you can live with it – you just need encouraging or the first tool to do something very brilliant. Why not come down to Truro Cathedral today (or if you are outside of Cornwall email us and we will call you)and sign up for a half hour Sofa Session to have a chat about Climate Change (on until Easter Sunday). No-one talks about it for more than 30 seconds. You’d be pleasantly surprised at what comes out when you do! It’s all about you, you are very special, your existence is so valuable, pop along and realise.

Yes- fantastic. Sometimes it can be daunting, or we can find many reasons to delete this message now, I would love to hear your thoughts and views and would like to invite you to have a FREE cup of coffee with me at one of the Sofa Sessions in Truro Cathedral on until Easter Sunday and let’s find one new thing you can do and feel even better about the world.

These things help us prepare for what is coming and being prepared is KEY for Climate Vision. We have seen trauma and we want to prevent it in YOU. THAT’S IT! So by having a chat, exploring outside the normal box, let’s consider something new.


For those who have been affected in Cornwall in Business, there is now Business rate relief

For those Businesses who been affected by the severe weather, between 1 December 2013 and 31 March 2014, are able to apply to Cornwall Council for a 100% business rate relief for three months.

To establish whether a business qualifies for business rate relief Cornwall Council need the following information:

  • Name and address of the property affected
  • Date the flooding occurred
  • Details of how the property was affected by the flood
  • Supporting evidence to help us with your applicationApplications can be made by phone, email or in writing.
    Phone: 0300 1234 171
    In writing to: Shared Services (Income), PO Box 676, Threemilestone, TR4 9LD

The Cornwall Council information above, along with other available schemes and assistance, is on the website:


Did the wheel cause the weather?

So when the Thames was frozen over and people went to the Frost Fairs, how did they cope? Who knows, I wasn’t alive, but on reading the article embedded in this story, I would say they took it in their stride as no-one tweeted them it was going to happen, they had no idea where the next meal was coming from and going home was about finding something en route to make a fire with (not catching up on Corry).

What is interesting are the possible causes behind The Little Ice Age that occurred between the 14th-20th centuries. The effects were astounding; agricultural practices had to adapt to the climate and loss of land (claimed by flooding due to violent storms).

One of the suggested reasons for such enormous climatic changes and subsequent weather events was the plague, with so many people dying all of a sudden the landscape busily reclaimed itself and grew to richly make natural exchanges with the atmosphere again, then when everyone got well they carved up the landscape and stopped all that. How do we know? It’s nicely written in the ice cores, tree rings, speleotherms etc etc.

Another interesting suggestion takes this step much further back. Before the land was very well populated and a virgin landscape existed, the first few who cut the soil to grow food and irrigate it, did indeed make a difference. They fed their people, but instead of staying in one place, they moved on and carved some more, they grew in numbers and so did their footprint, even more so than we do today. Since man invented the wheel, a distinct signal has been imprinted in the climate record. Later on Richard Trevithick and friends made a significant imprint with the Industrial Revolution.

The point of the story here is, to realise our lot, adapt, change, gather wood for our fire, fight off the plague, but have a Richard Trevithick moment too. You can’t re-invent the wheel, but you can support and ask your MP today to arrange for carbon to be significantly cut with immediate effect. None of us will ever be sure what the modern day alternative to the Little Ice Age will be, it’s a romantic read, with beautiful pictures telling the story, so why not be a brave soul and fight for your country?


Should we stay or should we go?

The calamity has really finally arrived, for us in the UK at least.

Network Rail should be pulling out a plan from a top drawer saying “Don’t worry here it is”, the Government should have pulled a plan saying “Here it is, sadly we have to move people out, but it takes an event like this for everyone to believe – we have all been making this happen, we are all responsible, now let’s adapt and cut carbon to prevent it from getting worse.”
Ah, that would be great. People would have less trauma if they knew they would be supported, cared for, re-homed and something constructive to do.

No building or dredging is going to stop this. Of course, it would help, but for how long?
The real gritty science that everyone needs to grasp, tells us over and over again this STUFF has happened before and is here again now.
Where the past glaciers carved out a destiny in our country, those places will get wet. Look for them, find out, its time for you to educate yourself. Remember your Geography, sleepy classroom last ice age? Look it up now, remind yourself.

Those who are in their comfy homes now pointing fingers and moaning, need to get their pens out (because they can) and write a letter to their MP to ask if they ‘could please get with the climate picture’. There is only one big solution, addressing CARBON with immediate effect.

Using the atmosphere as a carbon dumping ground is no longer acceptable. A recent paper published in Nature has suggested we’re heading towards a 4 degree C increase by 2100. My daughter has just turned four. This rise could make the world uninhabitable for humans. It means my daughter, won’t really get a chance to see in her 90s, even if she was healthy….
(Nature 505, 37–42 Published online 01 January 2014 Steven C. Sherwood, Sandrine Bony & Jean-Louis Dufresne Spread in model climate sensitivity traced to atmospheric convective mixing).

You can also enjoy scan reading Should we stay or should we go an article I wrote highlighting the evidence is all here in nature, abrupt climate change has occurred in the past many times, merely showing this vulnerable world and its current experience is little in comparison. Yet if we keep dumping our carbon in the atmosphere – that 2100 date that makes people drift off disinterested might turn into something much sooner.

Reasons to be cheerful – you can:
(1) Write to your MP (support them they are as scared as you are)
(2) Do the Top Ten Carbon Cutting Pledges
(3) Make a personal flood plan, even if you live on top of the highest hill (you’ll know how to help others).
Print this off now, if you are lucky enough to have power. The Cornwall Community Flood Forum Booklet that includes a list of things to fill out to be ready 


The Cornish Batholith – Thank Goodness!

Thank God for the Variscan Orogeny and our Granite intrusions!
It sounds soooo naughty, but luckily here in Cornwall around 280-290 million years ago a volcanic intrusion produced the backbone of Cornwall and provided us with mostly a good hard coastal face, currently taking a pasting.
If we were on sandstone…Cornwall could be a new age lost Atlantis!

Talking of Atlantis…..We wonder if the sea will dredge up even more clues to the past and reveal the hidden tree stumps at St. Michael’s Mount that hold the stories of Lyoness. They were last seen in the 50s, at lowest astronomical tide. There are probably only a few people living thinking the same thing as the story fades with time. They came down due to a significant wave…

“The Rev. William Borlase, who “cleared the British Antiquities from the obscurity they were immersed in” (Pool, 1986), had made a great discovery by drawing together strands of myth and legend to eventually, in Borlase’s eyes, becoming a factual sudden event. This was conveyed in a letter to the Dean of Exeter, Dr. Charles Lyttleton. His letter describes three-foot wide oaks found lying horizontally, with roots buried deeper than they could dig, lying in an easterly direction. On further inspection the afternoon walk revealed hazel and willow, from 300 yards below the high water mark (Borlase, 1756).
At this stage Borlase was already committed to informing Lyttleton that the tree stumps confirmed an ancient tradition that St. Michaels mount, was formerly situated in a wood. This backed up his theory, also written to Lyttleton, that a subsidence had occurred in that place.”


The historical geography of the submerged forest in Mount’s Bay, Cornwall.

Luci Isaacson 2009