Environmental & Flood Prevention Project Management

Key to Project Management is enthusiasm and lasting power to enthuse others to beat the same drum with a constructive rhythm, until the grand finale.

Climate Vision’s Leaf Litter Flood Prevention Pilot Project was recognised as one solution to flooding.  One key factor for this demand is the shift in climate resulting in more flooding events coupled with local authority economic cuts and reduced services which exacerbate the problem. The Project took place over nine months in one town in Cornwall, to test flood prevention and landscape response while recording the value of turning the problem (leaf litter) into a resource (compost) to potentially contribute towards the sustainability of the Project’s continuation.

Ensuring stakeholders considerations are known, aims and objectives of the project are clear to all participants and the scope of the project feasible, Climate Visions method to progress the project will be swiftly underway.  To discuss your project, task schedules, risks & mitigation, quality assurance and evaluation processes, get in touch info@climatevision.co.uk or 07909 530 730


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