Strong #climate change claims:…

Strong #climate change claims:…

Strong #climate change claims: Extreme Weather Tied to Climate Change | Climate Central via @sharethis

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  • Esra on May 12, 2015

    Your first question is who knows’?The aswenr is: Anyone who can read should know the knowledge has been with us for over 100 years. But as to who actually knows I would have to say people who have had access to a basic education (and the internet is only a peripheral part of education).There are a lot of different terms but that is because there are a lot of different factors. The planet’s climate is hugely complex it is only logical that there will be many different factors.That said, anything that enhances knowledge and understanding is a good thing. You might want to start with the basics such as weather’ versus climate’, natural climatic cycles versus anthropogenic rapid climate change, basic statistics including noise’ and outlier’, etc these are common areas of misconception

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