Stop washing up? Fantastic!

So the water bill has come and I find myself working it all out, having pushed the local water company into telling me how much carbon it ‘costs’ to get it to my tap and where I can make savings.
So at 0.0057025 per litre its hard to think about cost, so I filled my washing up bowl to find out it costs me 3p, which doesn’t sound a lot, so how many a day will I use is the next question.
Most importantly, how much CO2 has it cost to get here? To be extracted, processed and transported via the network etc Surprisingly 2.1g! That’s quite a bit of contribution to changing the mix in the atmosphere so I can wash my hands , a cucumber, the dishes, trying to make my kitchen sparkly.
The solution: work it out, cut it down, simple.
NOW what shall we spend all those 3ps on?! Something with no carbon footprint…struggle…think…….