The Footsteps 2009 Data Analysis Survey (ends 31st July 2015)

The Footsteps 2009 Data Analysis Survey (ends 31st July 2015)

Phew! It’s out!

The survey is now complete and in peoples inboxes awaiting the light!

Having completed pre-surveys to gauge the kind of answers people might provide when questioned about the Top Ten Pledges, we looked at how we were going to break down the answers to match the carbon saving data we have available in the time frame and within the budget. At this stage we could spend FOREVER looking into the many interesting aspects of the where’s and why’s but what we have to focus on now, for the good of the whole project is to find out what people really need to know – at what cost was it successful and establish it in a robust manner. So we capture what activity people DID as a result of the Footsteps 2009 Project, completing those Top Ten Pledges via the campaign that cost £6k and took 4 months.

So far, it is looking good. So much is  squeaking out of the data dying to be evaluated. We can later. This can be revisited. For now, we want to see if we can stand up and say “Give weight to behavioural change, it is possible, it just requires trusted messengers, easy requests and to be colourful and fun”. We think we can.

Risks: Our contact data is 6 years old! Our only problem is that some of the email addresses don’t exist anymore… If you remember anyone telling you they had done the pledges, please let them know, as they are GOLD DUST, we need them to complete the survey by July 31st too. Please do ask them to call 01872 241239 or email luci@climate Thank you!