Flood Risk Snapshot

Climate Vision can now offer the Flood Risk Snapshot service at half price, due to match funding pledged by Truro Business Improvement District (BID) as part of it’s “best for business” project. This exciting new project will reduce the cost of this services to Truro business from £50 to just £25, making taking action to increase resilience easier and cheaper than ever.

The aim of this initiative is to raise resilience within Truro’s Business community, with the business owner and demonstrate the risks faced by the business with a user friendly tour of online resources, which will be used to create a preliminary assessment of the risk posed to the business considering the effects of future climate change. Climate Vision can then agree a plan of action with the business owner, which they can use to reduce the risks faced by their business. Climate Vision’s services are also available to help enact this plan and reduce the risk faced by the business even further to improve business continuity, consider property protection measures or use the sign-posted resources online.

Those who do not own their property should still consider the snapshot service, as this is about more than the mere bricks and mortar. Ensuring your business takes steps to become resilient to flooding can build business continuity and improve staff safety.

Businesses which are shown to be at risk will be identified and then invited to take part, as well as those who may suffer inconvenience due to flooding in nearby areas, such as access problems.

Neil Scott, BID Manager, said, With Truro’s close, and sometimes too close, relationship with water it is becoming increasingly important that the businesses in the city centre that are most at risk of flooding are aware of the potential impacts and that they develop plans to ensure business continuity. Having discussed this with Luci on several occasions, the format that she has developed and successfully tested with a handful of businesses is one that we are keen to support.”

Businesses in Truro that may be at risk have been identified. All have the opportunity to obtain advice about the risk they may face match funded by Truro BID (Normally £50, being made available for £25 until July 2016).

Look out for your invitation to sign up to this innovative scheme.

Book your Flood Risk Snapshot with Climate Vision for a one to one opportunity with a climate scientist to discuss the potential risks your business may face and overcome the awkward hurdles presented by climate change.

Contact Luci Isaacson MSc luci@climatevision.co.uk or call 01872 241 239 or 07909 530 730

Those who have experienced a FRS 

I met Luci with the plan to be open minded however I was a little sceptical about how she could help me. However she was extremely helpful and really helped me to understand the need for a flood risk plan by clearly explaining the risks and the best ways to reduce these. I’ve already started on making plans for removing my important electrical equipment! Darren Hoare, Zafiros Bar, New Bridge Street

Luci did a flood review of our business and went through the practicalities of what we needed to do if a flood occurred in New Bridge Street. We are aware of flooding in our street and have used sand bags before. She made us more mindful about the practicalities of what to do and what to be aware of, such as telephone numbers of who to call, if there is a flood. Sarah, the Rustic Home

Luci made me aware of the possibility of flooding in our business and what steps to take, if that was to happen. It was a really helpful and constructive meeting. Bridge Street Barbers, Anne Westgarth, New Bridge Street

I found the meeting with Luci very ‘thought provoking’ and useful. Although we had not previously considered our business to be at risk of flooding. The current available data for the City centre along with the experiences of business further up the country makes us realise that flooding of our premises is now more than likely to occur in the foreseeable future. Sensible and practical solutions to mitigate the risks were suggested by Luci and we will now be taking actions to protect our premises and business against future risks.  I would highly recommend the service and advice which Luci provides.” Simon Hendra, Hendra’s and the Lemon Street Market