May, 2018

Boom! Richard Trevithick, what do you make of that?

“Boom! What do you make of that?!” I ask my imaginary friend (the Richard Trevithick), again, as I drive home (in my Nissan ?). Drilling 4500m down to consider clean energy, right here (Cornwall), right now (August)?
It’s them again, those magic miners, that story since school days in Truro, hearing about another hot rocks milestone being passed.
The passion of these Men and Women of Science has no bounds, 4500m! The deepest mine in Cornwall is at 1000m. What will be down there, apart from heat? It’s not even about “will it work” it’s about “because we carefully can” and so much knowledge will be released. It’s like when they burst through deep, deep ice in Antarctica to explore past climate and life, as one bright spark said, “Hang on! We mustn’t contaminate it with ‘us’ let’s contain our atmosphere and protect it from that first.” What’s there? Most of you will grin and think, ‘a Cornish miner for sure.’
This excitement digs deep in us, renews our faith in man, not only to put things right, but to enlighten us with knowledge. They are about to tap into that massive granite resource, and as it upwelled during that great event, the Variscan Orogeny, the immense excitement upwells again in us, with the best timing. Beautiful United Mines, whatever they find, you reign again.
I’m writing this as I listen to the dawn chorus, it’s not yet 5am. Too excited to sleep. Later today, while preparing for next weeks Flood Forum board meeting, I’ll hide a little yawn and smile to myself, about the potential for Cornwall’s people and it’s super granite – the Cornubian batholith – to make the Anthropocene just a tad groovy.
? Charged yesterday as the sun poured on the small solar roof, thus exported to the National Grid. What would RT say? I ask him out loud regularly…then, like you, I think ‘men in white coats…’ ?

The Golden in Gardening

So today I went off to meet the gardener in a local Church I really like. He works there every Thursday morning for a couple of hours. I wanted to know if he needed any help and had any jobs planned. The answer? Of course!

Boom there it is, pretty much most of the criteria for the new Church Times Green Health Awards. On closer inspection, we found that the details of the award fit nicely with what he would like to do, we just need to invite others in and enjoy the opportunity we have in our Churches to allow everyone access to the health benefits of simple gardening. I couldn’t wait to get there, to breathe after a very busy 2 weeks. We all have such busy lives, we are all going faster, we have so much going on, but to put the phone on silent and to discuss this opportunity, on the bench, in the Church garden was complete bliss.

Some of the things the gardener wanted to do were also part of the Green Church Kernow Award Scheme. “Could do with putting up a bird box, oh we have a great carpenter, he might make some with people. Definitely need a water butt, we are making a compost pile….”

“Well it sounds to be like you might be the Green Champion in your Church!” I said, it sounds like you are going to be ticking off some award criteria easily, you have already invited me (Diocesan Environment Officer) to speak in your Church, if you talk about possibly having a once a month “gardening club” at the the time you would normally be here gardening, doing those things, in the church magazine and on the noticeboard you are almost close to a Bronze Award and can register with the Church Times Award too!

To avoid any ‘extra work’ I asked if the water butt should be delivered or collected, should funding be found for something like that specifically. “Oh delivered, bit tricky otherwise…” So I popped into a family run garden centre on the way back to the office. They were delighted to help, offering reduced delivery fees & advice when required, offered over a steaming coffee. What a fab morning! All fits nicely with the 25 Year Environment Plan from government; enabling people to enjoy local natural spaces, could also be a spring board to bigger things towards a Living Church Yard Scheme or even contributing to the future Social Prescribing opportunities.


Watch this space!