October, 2019

There Are Some Fantastic Politicians Too

Good morning. I’d like to say there are some fantastic politicians too and they have been clearly asking for us to cut our emissions for a long time.
Why wait for policy and law?
Why not make a start? The 10 pledges get you doing that. THEY ARE FOR HOME AND WORK If at work or at home you are buying electricity from fossil fuels then I’m afraid to say you are the live problem and you need to address it please. We can help for free.
The policiticans I can name easily, without spending time here (meaning there are more, and why waste time arguing about something else they have done? They all say cut emissions, invite YOURS to cut emissions too, that is all), they are 👉Lord Krebs (Lord John Krebs has warned that the world will be “charging” towards climate change unless it 🕵️‍♂️cuts carbon emissions and prepares to “adapt” to future changes), 👉Lord Whitty (The gracious Speech included precisely six words on climate change. The Minister had a few more this morning, but not many. Yet this is the biggest challenge facing us and, as the committee of the noble Lord, Lord Deben, has reminded us, we will not be on course for the next two periods of 🕵️‍♂️carbon budget. We have a lot to do. There are potentially things in this legislative programme that will help, but by no means enough.), 👉Lord Gardiner (The Defra Minister Lord Gardiner, wrote in the government’s National Adaptation Programme, that: “while we continue to play a leading role in international efforts to keep global temperature rises well below 2°C… our resilience will only be robust if we prepare for worse climate change scenarios.”)and 👉Lord Deben, “The benefits of action to 🕵️‍♂️reduce emissions are clear: cleaner air, healthier diets, new industries and jobs. The UK must drive forward policies without delay”
Don’t even get me started on 👉Lady Kate Parminter, I simply don’t have the time or space to talk about how BRILLIANT she is in this work.
👌Help them.
👌Support them.
👌Notice what they say, what can you do to help?
At least look at Pledge 4 when you read what they say, so you can write your hand-written letter. Then you are ready for a well earned weekend.

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