Business Rate Relief & Having A Chat

Business Rate Relief & Having A Chat

sofa sessionsPrevention is better than cure, I will refrain from using BUT as I think there’s a whole research topic on how many times we use BUT when we talk about Climate Change. Mostly, to be be honest, we can’t be bothered, we don’t want to give up all our luxuries and would prefer it if everyone stopped going on about it. The reality is – you will experience Climate Change in your lifetime, you already are and you see it on the news all the time. Rev it up a great deal and that’s what your young family will be dealing with. Can you think about that for longer than a minute?

No – well you possibly are in a club of people who are scared, annoyed, too busy- you know really it’s time to look at YOUR value in the world, your place and how you can live with it – you just need encouraging or the first tool to do something very brilliant. Why not come down to Truro Cathedral today (or if you are outside of Cornwall email us and we will call you)and sign up for a half hour Sofa Session to have a chat about Climate Change (on until Easter Sunday). No-one talks about it for more than 30 seconds. You’d be pleasantly surprised at what comes out when you do! It’s all about you, you are very special, your existence is so valuable, pop along and realise.

Yes- fantastic. Sometimes it can be daunting, or we can find many reasons to delete this message now, I would love to hear your thoughts and views and would like to invite you to have a FREE cup of coffee with me at one of the Sofa Sessions in Truro Cathedral on until Easter Sunday and let’s find one new thing you can do and feel even better about the world.

These things help us prepare for what is coming and being prepared is KEY for Climate Vision. We have seen trauma and we want to prevent it in YOU. THAT’S IT! So by having a chat, exploring outside the normal box, let’s consider something new.


For those who have been affected in Cornwall in Business, there is now Business rate relief

For those Businesses who been affected by the severe weather, between 1 December 2013 and 31 March 2014, are able to apply to Cornwall Council for a 100% business rate relief for three months.

To establish whether a business qualifies for business rate relief Cornwall Council need the following information:

  • Name and address of the property affected
  • Date the flooding occurred
  • Details of how the property was affected by the flood
  • Supporting evidence to help us with your applicationApplications can be made by phone, email or in writing.
    Phone: 0300 1234 171
    In writing to: Shared Services (Income), PO Box 676, Threemilestone, TR4 9LD

The Cornwall Council information above, along with other available schemes and assistance, is on the website: