Business Resource Efficiency Audit

Would you like to improve the resource efficiency of your operations?

Climate Vision is offering businesses in Cornwall the opportunity to audit your work place to minimise the impacts of waste, water, energy & transport use and establish CLEAR £ & CO2 savings

What can we expect?

TO SAVE MONEY A recent local audit established a venue in Cornwall with 130k visitors a year might save £7000 just by fixing one stuck tap!

1. ASSESS After our initial discussion we can provide you with a brief to get cracking. We will give you a list of things we need to make everything faster and cheaper for you, but if you don’t have time, leave it to us.

2. AUDIT Being accompanied by a caretaker will make the audit much more efficient and all valuable options explored.

3. ACTION We will provide you with a report and list of easy actions to do taking care to make clear priority areas.

What you can do now…

Book an audit to take up the opportunity to embrace resource efficiency and turn it into a set of proceedures, before you waste any further money or find something more important to do because this is a little boring – or is it? £7000!!! or 07909 530 730

For you as a company we might place you a in a better financial situation, together as companies we can enjoy the knowledge and publicity that you can sleep well at night saving tonnes of carbon by saving wasted water. Have you ever thought how much carbon goes into making sure water comes out of your tap?

We look forward to hearing from you

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