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After Footsteps 2009 came….

a Crowd, 10 Carbon Logic Ambassadors doing 10 Carbon Cutting Pledges (download flyer), activities, news and a report – scroll down

Cathedral - pledges

The Crowd

Thanks to our fantastic crowd, we successfully over-funded on Jun 1, raising £3,740 towards our project
Providing global leaders with a carbon solution

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The crowd members are as follows:


Alice Hamilton-WebbAndreas AmbarchianAndy Bailey
Anna McClarronAnthony HerewardAshley Cooper
Ben SimpsonBert BiscoeBill Andrews
Bina GubbinCarol PomeroyCarol Baines
CCRMCharmian LarkeCheryl Stephanie
Deborah ClarkDebra WetherellDiocese of Truro
Domenico RagozzinoElaine GGeoff Garbett
Gill KeebleGreen Energy SolutionsGuy Doncaster
Julian WillisHelena NightingaleHilary F
Richard HopperInspiring Women NetworkJack Ingledew-Gale
Jane HealeyJason MastersJenny Moore
John CousinsJohn MarshallJules L
Julian GermanJustine ClementKaren Anderson
Karen ScottKathryn SmithKrisz Kozma
Laurence ReedLeslie SpiersLindsay Southcombe
Lisa BeeLoic RichSt Austell Brewery
Michael Joseph PearceMiles NewmanMolly Craig
Mark PickenNeil ScottOliver Baines
Paul BarnesPCC of St MarysPeter Trotman
Peter CunninghamPhil PearcePriscilla Reeve
Rachael BiceRichard HopperRichard Elwell
Robert MoorLynn RobertsRod Plummer Shoothill
Roger MillsRuth SmithSarah Wetherill
Robin and Mard SellwoodShawn GubbinsTerrye Teverson
Tim ThomsonTom KennettTransition Constantine
TrencromValerie TomlisonRob Follett
Chris Jones

The Ambassadors

1.            Pete Masters, Truro City Football Club

2.            Ruth Smith, ZLC Energy

3.            Deborah Clark

4.            Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council (Cabinet Member for Planning)

5.            Arch Deacon Bill Stuart-White, Archdeacon of Cornwall

6.            Donna Birrell, BBC Radio Cornwall Presenter

7.            Robin Freight from St. Austell Brewery

8.            Bishop Tim Thornton, Bishop of Truro

9.             Rev Steve Wild, Chair of Cornwall Methodist District and President of the Methodist Conference of Great Britain

10.           Kirstie Newton, Cornwall Today Editor

How did they get on?

Ambassadors Pledge 1 & 2 Results

Ambassadors Pledge 3 & 4 Results

The Activities & Media

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REWARD Cathedral Tour Reward June 2015

REWARD School Tour & Dinner Reward July 2015

MEDIA Local Press Coverage July 2nd 2015

MEDIA Cornwall Today Magazine Green Living Article August 2015


MEDIA West Briton Lifestyle Double Page Coverage July 2015

IMG_3206 (1)

MEDIA On Air with Donna Birrell BBC Radio Cornwall 26th July 2015

MEDIA Ambassador Announces Carbon Friendly Building Plans

MEDIA West Briton Double Page Article 20th August 2015

Cornwall Today Magazine Green Living Article September 2015

MEDIA bgt-logo-260x231Blue & green Tomorrow Article September 8th 2015

MEDIA West Briton Article September 2015

EVENT Completed 100% Renewable Energy for the South West? Monday 14th September 6.30pm. Details on our Facebook page posted 5th September

EVENT Completed Join us Saturday week for Breakfast?

Truro Big Breakfast posterIMG_4568IMG_4569IMG_4570

EVENT Completed Truro and falmouth Green Homes Open Week Monday 5th – Sunday 11th October. Why not look at some peoples houses locally and hear their story and ways to save a fortune while you have a gentler impact on the environment? You can at this event…see the website on the poster.

open homes week

MEDIA On Air with Donna Birrell  from BBC Radio Cornwall 3rd October 2015 Kirsty Newton & Donna Birrell discuss Their Carbon Experiences

MEDIA On Air with Donna Birrell  from BBC Radio Cornwall 3rd October 2015 Luci Isaacson Updates and discusses the Ambassadors responses to Pledges 5 & 6

MEDIA West Briton Lifestyle Double Page Coverage October 8th 2015

Carbon, Oct 8

EVENT Completed – by Divest Cornwall 29th October

An evening of countywide CLIMATE SOLUTION networking. 

Using the inspiring “Do The Math” film as our starting point, we will be exploring ways in which the following facts could become ingredients in a Cornish Climate Solution recipe:

1 – the Cornwall County Pension Fund has £64.9 Million invested in the fossil fuel industry, and as a consequence is “underperforming” financially;
2 – there is a hugely important United Nations Climate Summit in Paris (COP21) in about 6 weeks time;
3. there is a MASSIVE mobilization of people happening around the world – a movement not only to help steer the COP21 Summit in helpful directions – BUT beyond COP21 – to build momentum for what happens next, irrespective of the outcome of Paris.

And, then we will explore how we in Cornwall might best cook up a contribution to that growing movement… The ambition is to have a full, nourishing and exciting evening (with a little bit of maths!)…..

 do the math

EVENT Completed Join us October 30th as we attend:

Today at 18:00 Penryn Campus – Exchange Building (someone will be there to meet us by the library – Daphne Du Maurier building that was).

What if confronting the climate crisis is the best chance we’ll ever get to build a better world?

Filmed over 211 shoot days in nine countries and five continents over four years, This Changes Everything is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change.

Directed by Avi Lewis, and inspired by Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction bestseller This Changes Everything, the film presents seven powerful portraits of communities on the front lines, from Montana’s Powder River Basin to the Alberta Tar Sands, from the coast of South India to Beijing and beyond.

The screening will be on Penryn Campus in the Exchange Building on 30th October at 6pm

EVENT Completed Join us November 3rd in Truro Cathedral at Molly Scott Cato’s Event

Molly Cato MEP -Truro-3-11-15-renewables

MEDIA West Briton Tuesday 3rd November

MEDIA Launceston Today Wednesday 11th November

MEDIA Western Gazette Friday 13th November

EVENT Completed – Cycling continues! Tuesday 17th November 11am Euan McPhee is taking our report and pledge cards from Truro to Paris by bike! Why not come and wave him off with us at 11am at High Cross? We would love to see you. Pop it in your diary and watch this space as he will tell us what time shortly. If you fancy making a pilgrimage – check this out – we warmly welcome you to walk, cycle, low carbon travel in to wave them off. Full details

cycling 1cycling 2cycling 3


“Along with all people of goodwill, we are shocked and saddened by the horrific events which took place in Paris on Friday night.

However, we are also still committed and determined to cycle to Paris as originally planned, to support the goal of a successful climate agreement between world leaders. A binding and meaningful agreement on cutting carbon needs to be achieved if we are not to condemn billions of people to irreversible climate change and all the attendant impacts that that will bring.

The events on Friday change nothing with respect to the significance of the COP21 negotiations except to highlight some of the ways in which the struggle to control access to fossil fuels is already having repercussions close to home. If the motivation for the Paris attacks proves to stem from the troubles in Syria, it will be doubly sad, as their national instabilities have been at least partly caused by impacts of climate change.

Our presence in Paris will serve as a statement of solidarity with all who seek to pursue a peaceful resolution of world problems rather than resort to violence as a few desperate people did on Friday night. If we were to cancel our trip, the terrorists would have won, and the vast majority of humanity would have lost.

“The best response to terrorism is more democracy and openness”, as the Norwegian Prime Minister said after the tragic attack in Norway, and his words should guide us in our reaction to this tragedy. We will not abandon our shared values: liberté, egalité, fraternité.”

Euan, Ewan, Ricky and Roger

MEDIA On Air with Laurence Reed from BBC Radio Cornwall 17th November 2015 Euan McPhee & Roger CO, Julian German – Portfolio Holder for Economy and Culture, Arch Bishop Benson Children singing, Canon Lynda Barley and Bert Biscoe – Portfolio Holder for Transport

MEDIA On Air with Laurence Reed from BBC Radio Cornwall 19th November 2015 Euan McPhee & Roger CO ring into the show 2 days into the cycle to Paris

MEDIA On Air with Laurence Reed from BBC Radio Cornwall 26th November 2015 Euan McPhee & Roger CO ring into the show as they arrive having cycled to COP21 in Paris

MEDIA Western Gazette Tuesday 1st December


EVENT COMPLETED Join us March 3rd in Truro Cathedral – Come to celebrate and meet the Cyclists who rode 350 miles to deliver our Carbon Logic Report to COP21 in Paris, hear their story of an amazing journey. Accompanied by photos, film and footage from the trip, our campaign and Carbon Ambassadors. Refreshments

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Downloadable poster  for you to share with friends
Cycling Truro-ParisIMG_7360IMG_7379IMG_7382IMG_7386IMG_7391IMG_7392IMG_7411IMG_7414

Data Analysis

The Footsteps 2009 Data Analysis Survey (ends 31st July 2015)


Discussion with external advisors (ongoing)

One metric ton of carbon dioxide gas from Carbon Visuals.

One metric ton of carbon dioxide gas from Carbon Visuals