How shall I make a difference to the climate problem?

Many wonder what to do, many think ‘I’ll do it later’…many say “I’m too busy” or “My husband does that” – don’t be ashamed, it’s ok! For many this is quite new, but if you are here, you know it is upon us and no action means doom. So you have no choice really. Luckily, […]

English Conversation – Environment

Having lived and worked in Greece in the late 90s, teaching English for 2 years, I became more and more interested in the environment. Topic titles about the environment for Lower & Proficiency Exams in the first round I experienced, stood at around 18%, the second round 22%, the third round 38% etc. It was […]

Boom! Richard Trevithick, what do you make of that?

“Boom! What do you make of that?!” I ask my imaginary friend (the Richard Trevithick), again, as I drive home (in my Nissan ?). Drilling 4500m down to consider clean energy, right here (Cornwall), right now (August)? It’s them again, those magic miners, that story since school days in Truro, hearing about another hot rocks […]

Can you spare 45 minutes before the next storm? Here's a great opportunity

Spending 45 minutes 1:1 with a climate scientist can unravel everything you need to know to get yourself ready for the next storm.  At only £50 you can’t really afford not to, it’s the best deal on the table to get you ready quickly. You will have a hand held tour of whats available FREE of charge, […]

Flood Risk Snapshot

Climate Vision can now offer the Flood Risk Snapshot service at half price, due to match funding pledged by Truro Business Improvement District (BID) as part of it’s “best for business” project. This exciting new project will reduce the cost of this services to Truro business from £50 to just £25, making taking action to increase resilience […]

From Truro to Paris with the Carbon Logic Report & Pledges

The Fantastic Four will be making a presentation followed by a chat with a panel to include Carbon Ambassadors Thursday March 3rd 7.30pm in Truro Cathedral-please do join us   More details about the night to follow – cyclists will be cycling in at 7.20pm! For once I struggle to find the words! It’s been a fantastic […]

What can I do to help?

If you would like to help with the Carbon Logic Campaign please: Write to your MP. We are really pleased to say that with the help of one of the Carbon Ambassadors, Sarah Newton MP has agreed to do the 10 Pledges. You can read about it and see the pictures by going to the main page, scroll […]

Carbon Logic Results are out!

We’ve finished the data analysis. I have to say we are delighted, the result is much better than we thought! Cost per tonne to cut carbon = £1.98! Summary Results Footsteps to Copenhagen started in 2009, Truro Cathedral asked me to mobilise the people of Cornwall to cut carbon. o   With a fantastic Steering Group we devised […]

Les dix premiers engagements

1  Je m’engage à appeler mon fournisseur d’électricité après 24h afin de voir si je peux passer à l’énergie verte (si pas je trouve un moyen). 2  Je m’engage à acheter des produits de saison le plus possible, commencer par deux repas par semaine. 3 Je m’engage à me renseigner à propos de la science et […]