Is China Starting a Low Carbon “Arms Race”?

Is China Starting a Low Carbon “Arms Race”?

Although we have known about thorium reactors for a long time it seems that China is going to be the first country to really gear themselves up to use this abundant nuclear material which should be cleaner and safer:

……although still with some risk of nuclear proliferation:

And this coupled with China’s pursuit of solar energy throughout the world, it seems that they are fast moving from massive carbon producers to being one of the biggest investors in the opportunities to be had in new low-carbon industries to make solar p.v. cheaper for us all, although not without some problems:

Other promising developments are still occurring despite such problems:


Having recognized the opportunities that are to be found within: China need not stand accused of doing nothing to lower its carbon emissions as it is moving the world to a lower carbon future and that will be of benefit to us all.


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