Carbon Crowd Funder coming soon! From Cornwall to Paris with a big message – Thank you for joining in!

This is a crucial time for climate change agreements and what will happen at the United Nations Conference of the Parties on Climate Change (COP21) will influence the future of climate policy worldwide. While Governments and global leaders will attempt to reach ambitious strategies to curbing carbon emissions,  universities and civil society can contribute to inspire individuals and communities to taking climate change seriously and adopting alternative behaviours.

In 2009, a network of climate activists and scientists in Truro delivered a behavioural change campaign to support local and national delegates involved in the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (COP15). We asked individuals and communities to think about the carbon cost of their lifestyle and to pledge easy and realistic carbon cutting actions.

In only four months, the campaign enabled 4488 individuals and organisations who chose to make low-carbon pledges and adopt sustainable behaviours such as buying local food, saving energy or researching climate change. We are now looking to calculate the carbon cost of our campaign in order to show to COP21 delegates that behavioural strategy solutions can be effective to achieve carbon reduction targets. We also want to show that they can compete with risky and more expensive technology such as carbon storage and capture.

To make this happen we will need your help – watch this space as we aim to launch our ideas on May Day, or put this link in your diary on May 1st

Please do get in touch if you want to ensure you are invited to be a part of delivering a valuable solution to the United Nations conference.

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