Flood Risk Snapshot

Climate Vision’s Flood Risk Snapshot
Readying Your Business for the Changing Climate

Flooding is a very real and imminent risk to Cornwall’s business infrastructure. Those businesses that take the time to prepare now will find themselves in a much stronger position when such extreme weather events happen.

Climate Vision’s pragmatic yet friendly approach streamlines the process to a series of simple steps, placing your business well on the way to surviving and thriving in the event of flood.

The Flood Risk Snapshot service offered by Climate Vision is the most important resource businesses can have at their disposal. A small investment in terms of money and time could save your business in the future.

“Luci made me aware of the possibility of flooding in our business and what steps to take, if that was to happen. It was a really helpful and constructive meeting.“ Bridge Street Barbers, Anne Westgarth, New Bridge Street

“I found the meeting with Luci very ‘thought provoking’ and useful. Although we had not previously considered our business to be at risk of flooding. The current available data for the City centre along with the experiences of business further up the country makes us realise that flooding of our premises is now more than likely to occur in the foreseeable future. Sensible and practical solutions to mitigate the risks were suggested by Luci and we will now be taking actions to protect our premises and business against future risks. I would highly recommend the service and advice which Luci provides.” Simon Hendra, Hendra’s and the Lemon Street Market

Going forward, Climate Vision invite businesses to get in touch today to book a 45-minute Snapshot appointment on site, to ensure robust measures are in place for damage limitation purposes info@climatevision.co.uk or 07909 530 730

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