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Book Luci Isaacson BEM MSc FRGS to come and talk to your group, colleagues or school. Luci is able to adapt her knowledge to the level you need and ensure you achieve your desired outcomes.

As an expert in how the changing climate will impact people, homes and businesses, having studied Earth Systems Science and Climate Change and Risk Management, sitting on Cornwall Community Flood Forum, Cornwall Catchment Partnership, Cornwall Councils Strategic Resilience Board & the South West Regional Flood & Coastal Committee, she understands the difficulty in getting people ready and has found solutions for these groups.


In addition to her community-based work, including running neighbourhood plan consultations, Luci is preparing small businesses for the changing climate. She has developed a toolkit specifically for small businesses to understand their risks and how to develop a resilience action-plan specifically suited to their needs. To get your business working towards being resilient to climate change, book a 45-minute workshop for your staff. This includes 15 minutes afterwards for ‘quiet questions’ whereby over coffee, people might want to probe further having digested the (sometimes alarming) state of play. LINK


Dependent on the project area, Luci can talk about inspiring ways to innovatively achieve goals, in parallel with the 25 Year Environment Plan. e.g. Climate Vision designed, and project managed a unique low carbon, low cost and high value flood prevention project. She led a team of volunteers across three Cornish flooding hotspots clearing leaf-litter from drains. This hasn’t just saved money on future flooding bills (one of which footed a £10m bill in previous years); she also taught the local community about our changing climate, and the socio-economic and environmental benefits of taking simple resilience actions.


Usually the discussion goes on longer that required! It is best to aim for a 20-minute talk, with a break for questions, but mostly an opportunity to share thoughts and views to possibly discuss further. A final 10 minutes will allow people to have a take home message and action plan. Timings are completely flexible; this is an example of what works well.

Importantly, there is something for everyone, not everyone wants to look at graphs and hear science, while that is present, there are always a few treats in store too, stories from the past that help pave the way in the future. LINK LINK LINK LINK


Primary schools work best by holding a whole school assembly, followed by classroom workshops, with take-home materials to share the message for longer lasting impact.

e.g Last term, Bridge Schools children from across the 14 primary academies met Luci Isaacson, leading climatologist, to develop their understanding of the key environmental issues challenging our planet. They then worked with talented musician Matt Douglas from Cornwall Music Education Hub to transform their ideas into songs with the ambition of inspiring change. LINK LINK

Secondary schools please get in touch, classroom workshops work really well dependent on topic/requirements.




“It’s just fascinating and the way you frame the challenge, its perfect.  Lots to learn from you.  Thank you.”
“Just by way of some instant feedback and commitment to action: my team leader loved your talk and is challenging the whole team to commit to at least one pledge and compare how we’ve done each month. And, following on from the idea of eating two meals a week that are made using 100% local and seasonal produce: a colleague has suggested we start a Team supper club, where we share recipes or try to cook the same meals J Can’t wait to be honest!”
“Your presentation this morning was excellent.  I felt fully inspired and motivated and have already been promoting the 10 pledges out to my team”
“Absolutely brilliant and inspirational”

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