Take confidence, with Mark Carney at the helm and the Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) shaping what everyone does, from big business to the SMEs that make them thrive, it is time to look at your pathway to Net Zero. Everyone is connected by this leading strategic matter, there has been extraordinary progress and it is time to ask yourself do you know how to make it happen?

While the economy undergoes major change over the next decade, to meet the existential threat of climate change head on, you can be making the right changes, every day, every week to help achieve those goals. Don’t become a stranded asset. You can talk about this on your journey and inspire others. Welcome to the dawn of the Green Industrial Revolution, we have no time to lose.

Our expertise is to enable you, your community, your staff, senior managers, your board – to get on board first. This isn’t the time to skip the basis for a good understanding. Luci Isaacson BEM MSc FRGS has research experience and practical expertise in enabling all audiences to understand climate risks, and how to develop adaptation and mitigation pathways.

Crucially, Climate Vision offers communities and businesses the opportunity to swiftly step-up understanding, with tools, to allow your own people to make valuable recommendations, saving you money and time.

What can we expect?

1. LISTEN Book a general Climate Risk = Adapt & Mitigate 20 minute Presentation with your group. If possible, try to facilitate 1:1 discussions, which are incredibly valuable as people become comfortable to show their inexperience. Everyone has a different hurdle, this initial talk has something for everyone and take home tools (whatever level, most reflect on what other members of their family are doing and appreciate a heads up relatable to work and at home), to get everyone to the same level.

2. WAIT Let your staff reflect. Invite them to provide you with their reflective ideas. They know best. Record every comment.

3. ACTION Call us back to help signpost you to creating your pathway to net zero, based on the crucial feedback you may have had from staff, designed for your type of business. The interesting and innovative part is what we do about the difficult bits.

What you can do now…

Book an online presentation info@climatevision.co.uk or 07909 530 730 Look at our Speaker page for testimonials and Linkedin for breadth of understanding.

We look forward to hearing from you

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