Cracking news – say thanks?

Wow! From Greenpeace:

Members of the European Parliament have passed a resolution to promote the protection of the Arctic environment.This is huge and it’s a massive step forward for our campaign!
The resolution calls for a conservation area in the waters around the North Pole. It also stresses the need for an agreement in the Arctic Council to prevent pollution from oil drilling (something which, astonishingly, the council currently doesn’t have) and calls for a ban on industrial fishing.
Now, I’m not breaking out the party hats just yet – it’s still early days for this resolution and as with all political processes, a lot still needs to happen before we see our goal become a reality.
But let’s take a moment to think about how far we’ve come: just two years ago, nobody was demanding a protected sanctuary around the North Pole. Since then, we’ve grown into a 5 million strong movement. We’ve taken part in peaceful protests, signed petitions and joined forces in hundreds of ways to challenge Shell, Gazprom and other Arctic oil drillers everywhere they go.
And today, our concerns have made it onto the agenda of one of the most powerful political bodies in the world. That’s pretty amazing.
At times like these it’s easy to forget to say thank you, let’s not forget, let’s take the time to say thanks to those people with the job of listening to all ears, understanding all ideas and making massive decisions on a daily basis. They made a great start here and YOU are the ones that can enable them to carry on protecting your world. To do that click here, pop in your postcode, a few clicks and you are there. They want to hear from you, simple, short – from YOU.
If you are feeling left out on this massive success – or know someone who ignores all these things but has Grandchildren? You can invite them to sign up here then they have something spectacular to tell their Grandchildren!
Now, go out and enjoy yourself, reasons to be cheerful 1 2 3!
P.S. Well done MEPs passing a resolution to promote the protection of the Arctic environment @grahamwatsonmep Results on 


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