Crowd Funder Reward – Tour Of Arch Bishop Benson School & School Dinner with the Head

Mrs. Giblett warmly welcomed members from the Carbon Crowd at Arch Bishop Benson School.
This fantastic reward not only enabled everyone to have a look into a day in the life of a school head but to enable discussions to be had regarding each members interests. In the Head’s office, over a coffee a fascinating discussion took place and so many views on interesting topics were exchanged. A tour of the school to include new plans was followed by a sensational school dinner! I think 50% of the those in attendance came because of the school dinner opportunity! Feedback has been fantastic, an opportunity to have deep insight into a 5 year olds world and how that translates into growing and then being prepared for 11 onwards, was humbling. A great Head teacher, embracing the hurdles of cut backs, government changes, climate changes combined with demands on family life, yet managing to be amongst a sea of smiles and wonderful attitudes leaving us all wishing we could go back to school!
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