How shall I make a difference to the climate problem?

Many wonder what to do, many think ‘I’ll do it later’…many say “I’m too busy” or “My husband does that” – don’t be ashamed, it’s ok! For many this is quite new, but if you are here, you know it is upon us and no action means doom. So you have no choice really. Luckily, we came up with 10 LOVELY things to do. We were involved in getting recycling going too, we know it has to be easy. You do that don’t you? So come on, this is next. Well, if it was that easy, we wouldn’t be in this mess, but you can get us out of it!
Are you game? 
Some very busy people have done them, and made big changes as a result. 
Try one a week if you can, enjoy them.
When you have done one, wear your heart on your sleeve and tell people – your staff, friends, colleagues – tell them what you did. Invite them to join you.
Thank you
You can download the power point if you have seen me talk, you can share the online pledges or use the artwork, or create your own, just ensure you use the Climate Vision logo (below) so other people know where to come for the details.

Carbon Logic 10 Pledges & Why Presentation Download
😁 Watch Sarah Newton MP from 15.24! She did the pledges very well and asked colleagues to join her 1/5/19 in the #10PledgeChallenge
For those who attended General Synod York 2019, please click here
This is an old film, but it really helps visualise what YOU have done, we love it. Antony Turner from Carbon Visuals really helped 10 years ago when the 10 Pledges first kicked off, with a strong leader inviting a significant list of people to act, and with the help of Cornwall Council and many others, 10 years ago a focussed 3 month campaign resulted in this much being cut:
carbon logic

A4 10 Pledges Artwork

10 Pledges Online



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