Bravo! Let's face the music!

Bravo the Committee on Climate Change who advise the UK Government – the latest report is cracking!
Have a read, go on – you only need to read the Exec Summary. It’s the most confident document delivering the message “Increases of two degrees or more will bring major challenges for public well-being and the economy, and the risk of dangerous and irreversible impacts.” Yes, it horrid, but it’s TRUE. Some people don’t want to hear that truth, but how can we possibly plan for the erratic near future, without knowing what we are talking about?
If your drifting now then you are falling into the ‘inevitable camp’  –  “As governments grapple and attempt to prioritise long term objectives related to impacts, which draws on contexts beyond natural science – confusion about evaluation of ‘dangerous’ climate change, is inevitable” (Oppenheimer 2005). Yup – he said that 8 years ago – he also said: ‘If the Greenland Ice Sheet melted causing 5-7m sea level rise, people would then debate how ‘dangerous’ that would be!!!!’
So why wait for trouble, let’s adapt now, as we know what’s a coming. 

Page 8 “Businesses that fail to anticipate climate change risk their own failure.” 
Page 9 “investing in improving resilience “
Page 9 “By the 2040s, half of all summers are expected to be as hot, or hotter, than in 2003 when tens of thousands of people across Europe died prematurely. “
Page 10 “specific advice is not provided on thousands of minor planning applications in the floodplain each year.”
Page 11 “Climate change is expected to increase the risk of interruption and financial loss to businesses but may also present opportunities for those able to take advantage of changing market conditions. Some larger companies are assessing climate risks, including those to their supply chains, and are responding accordingly. However, there is little evidence of action by small and medium-sized enterprises.”
Call us for a Flood Risk Snapshot, which includes heat and other surprises Climate Change will deliver, getting you ready and ahead.
There may be trouble ahead,
But while there’s moonlight and music and love and romance,
Let’s face the music and dance.
managing climate risks to well-being and the economy


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