££££££ Roll Up Help a Neighbour Over Harvest Festival – Apply Now

Great news!

Do you know anyone affected by the winter floods?
Do they live in Cornwall?
Great – Together WE can help protect them this winter, but they MUST APPLY NOW! Up to £5000 for people who have suffered flooding into their homes from a government grant, this can pay for things like a simple flood gate for a door which costs about £400.
By inspiring and creating a vision – we can together enable people to embrace what is happening and not wait to become a victim again.
Please do get in touch with people you know and help them apply as this is a very traumatic thing that many want to turn a blind eye to or see it as too much bother. It is highly likely it will happen again and taking this action will make insurance challenges in the future less complicated. You can hear more now on the BBC Radio Cornwall link below, but please do take the opportunity to help a neighbour this Harvest Weekend and make the application here http://www.cornwall.gov.uk/community-and-living/grants-advice-service/emergency-flood-relief/#rrenew as the fund runs out next month. Thank you
Last week I went to Harvest Eucharist at my daughters school we were asked to stop and think about how we share…and how people are able to gain access to food or gifts. Perhaps we can use that thinking here?
Do any readers know someone who flooded last winter? Please do let them know. Have a good weekend.


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