Ten Carbon Logic Ambassadors

10 Carbon Ambassadors take Carbon Pledge Challenge 
Ten local personalities, including the Bishop of Truro, have agreed to take part in a five month project to lower their carbon footprints. The aim of the Carbon Logic Project is to show how possible it is to make a genuine impact on individual carbon consumption and thus on global issues like Climate Change.
The Ten people have been asked to take part by Luci Isaacson, Director of Climate Vision working with Truro Cathedral as part of the Carbon Logic Project. The ten include,
1.            Pete Masters, Truro City Football Club
2.            Ruth Smith, ZLC Energy
3.            Deborah Clark
4.            Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council (Cabinet Member for Planning)
5.            Arch Deacon Bill Stuart-White, Archdeacon of Cornwall
6.            Donna Birrell, BBC Radio Cornwall Presenter
7.            Robin Freight from St. Austell Brewery
8.            Bishop Tim Thornton, Bishop of Truro
9.             Rev Steve Wild, President of the Methodist Conference
10.           Kirstie Newton, Cornwall Today Editor
Each of the Ambassadors have agreed to try and complete two pledges a month for 5 months using the pledge form found on the ‘Hot Topics’ page cathedral’s website
In July each Ambassador will attempt to change to a ‘green’ energy supplier and buy local seasonal produce for at least two meals a week. At the end of each month they will report back on their particular experiences, the successes and the failures, sharing what they’ve learnt.
Pete Masters, Truro City Football Club
“Being committed to cutting carbon in ten different ways could prove even more challenging than gaining promotion, but I’m determined to give it a go. But anyone who knows me knows I don’t take on simple tasks so I’m pledging to being greener and no doubt a lot leaner with all the cycling and running I’m expecting to undertake to do my bit to help the planet.”
Ruth Smith
“When I saw Luci’s pledge project, it seemed a really accessible, effective way to get people engaged with making carbon cutting part of their everyday lifestyle. It’s always been important to us to be aware of our impact on the environment, so we’ve made a lot of small changes to our lifestyle already. I think there are a lot of pressures on people these days, so the environment doesn’t always come high up in people’s everyday considerations. Hopefully this project can demonstrate that it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. When you’re faced with the huge potential impact of climate change, it can be hard to have the conviction that your small choices make a difference, so it will be great to see the end results of the project!”
Deborah Clark
“I have a deep commitment to supporting Cornwall in whatever way I can, if that local outlook translates into a more carbon efficient way of living then it’s even better”.
Cllr Edwina Hannaford, Cornwall Council (Portfolio Holder of Planning and Environment Strategy)
I am delighted to be asked to a climate change ambassador. Climate change is not just an abstract concept discussed by boffins and environmentalists, but is manifesting itself in direct ways here in Cornwall. Over the past few years in my division of Looe, Polruan and Polperro we have experienced this directly with severe weather events that caused flooding, extensive damage and disruption. I believe we all have a responsibility to do our bit to help address climate change and by making small changes to our everyday behaviours we can make a difference.
Archdeacon Bill Stuart-White, Archdeacon of Cornwall
“I learned the prayer long ago “Lord, change the world – and start with me”. It’s a dangerous thing to pray but it’s my prayer for this challenge.”
Donna Birrell, BBC Radio Cornwall presenter 
“It’s sometimes easy to think our actions as individuals won’t make any difference to the global issue of climate change. As an Ambassador, I’m looking forward to challenging myself to think differently and I hope my own small steps will help lead towards the much bigger pathway.”
Robin Freight, St Austell Brewery
“St Austell Brewery are proud to be Ambassadors of Carbon Cutting and doing our part to protect the unique and beautiful environment of this part of the world, we hope others will join us in making this extra effort. No matter how small every little bit helps and together we will make a huge difference.”
Bishop Tim Thornton, Bishop of Truro
I’m really happy to be part of an easy carbon cutting project in Cornwall. We hope to share our experiences and encourage others to do the same. The Ten Pledges I will undertake over the next five months will help me to have a better understanding of the problems with carbon, support the local economy and become more resilient to climate change. I hope everyone will join us and have a go at the pledges too.
Revd Steven Wild 
I think this is a really good idea and wholeheartedly support the  project.
Kirstie Newton, Cornwall Today editor
Kirstie has signed up to complete 10 carbon-cutting pledges, and will be reporting back on her monthly challenges. “I committed to this project because while I’m aware of climate change and try and do my bit for the environment, I also know that I could think more about it and work harder,” she says. “Like a lot of people, I’m very busy, and that means that sometimes I’m lazy and take short-cuts. I hope this project will be not only good for the environment, but also good for my purse.
If members of the public would also like to join with this Carbon Pledge Challenge then they should go to http://www.trurocathedral.org.uk/hot-topics/hot-topics.php .
Luci Isaacson hopes to take the results of this project to the UN Conference on Climate Change in Paris at the end of the year.


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