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What an amazing bunch of fellas cycling from Truro to Paris?!
What an amazing bunch who funded the Carbon Logic Project and Report!!
Thanks all!!!!

From: RogerCO at Riseup []
Sent: 06 November 2015 13:40
Cc: Luci Isaacson
Subject: Remember Footsteps 2009

Hi All

(bcc’ing a lot of email addresses from around 2008 – 2009 and the Groundswell and Footsteps to Copenhagen events)

Of course you remember the amazing work that Luci did with the Footsteps programme and the Pledges you probably all signed and the team with Oliver taking a pilot gig to the canals of Copenhagen.

And you remember the disappointment with the outcome.

But it wasn’t the end. Five years on and COP21 is in Paris next month, again governments around the world attempt to find a way forward – at least they are still trying.

Meanwhile, as some of you know, Luci has been busy. Under the banner of Climate Vision she has followed up on those pledges and showed an amazing result. A report documenting it has been produced and this needs to get to delegates in Paris to show that not only are people, specifically 4000+ people in Cornwall, prepared to make changes in their lifestyles, but these changes come at remarkably low personal and economic cost.

Governments need to know this. They need to know that their citizens can to motivated if they would only offer leadership. And that is why we must get the report in the hands of Environment Ministers, MEPs and delegates who are swarming to Paris.

Luci has not rested – she is firing up contacts and making appointments in Paris – we are going to do the legwork for her.

“We” is Euan McPhee from Falmouth, Roger CO from Launceston, Ricky Knight from Barnstaple and Ewan Jones from Bruton.

We are going to carry the report to Paris by cycle and meet the representatives there. And along the way in every town we stop in we are meeting people, distributing the pledge cards, explaining to people why what happens in Paris is important and what they can do matters whatever the outcome.

So this is where you come in.

Euan and Roger depart from the steps of Truro Cathedral at 11am on Tuesday 17th November – can you be there to see us off?

Would you like to bring a bike and join us for a mile or two along the way?

We will be in Wadebridge that evening of 17th – come and join us in the Molesworth Arms, or in Liskeard the following evening in the Barley Sheaf.

Or get to Saltash for another crossing of the bridge on Thursday 19th – this time a mass of bicycles setting off from Fore Street at 4:30pm to ride into Plymouth for a departure rally before we board the ferry.

Or simply help us on the way by supporting our Crowdfunder to pay for rooms to hold meetings in, events to set up, places to stay, and all the other 1001 things that have come up to add value to every turn of our pedals.

For full details see our website – there’s a blog and details of the events are being posted as they get firmed up.

Find our Crowdfunder at

Find us on Facebook at

Download the Climate Vision Report at

Please do forward the details and links on to anyone you know in Cornwall who might be interested in what we are doing. Please share the Facebook page and website.

And if perchance you have any contacts in Normandy (from Avranches to Rouen via Saint Lo, Caen and Honfleur) we are looking for more contacts in those places.

Many thanks for your time, I hope you are all still well and not too many of these 5 year old email addresses have expired!

All the best


+44 7736 74 12 68

Help us get the Climate Vision Report to Paris COP21 this November

Pedal Power from Cornwall to Paris COP21


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