What can I do to help?

If you would like to help with the Carbon Logic Campaign please:

  1. Write to your MPWe are really pleased to say that with the help of one of the Carbon Ambassadors, Sarah Newton MP has agreed to do the 10 Pledges. You can read about it and see the pictures by going to the main page, scroll down to Ambassadors Pledge 3 & 4 Results. Ask them (or copy and paste the following sentence) to ‘Please follow Sarah Newton MP and enjoy doing the carbon cutting Ten Pledges, alongside the busy Carbon Ambassadors who have set aside a little time in their busy worlds to cut carbon’. Timing is really appropriate right now. If Sarah Newton is your MP, maybe you could send a positive message about this. 
  2. Our Crowd Funder has just run out. We are looking for further donations to fund some admin help and pay for display boards. If you can donate please do get in touch info@climatevision.co.uk
  3. We would like to turn the ten pledges into something useful, funky, something like a kitchen sign or gift – a great idea from one of the Ambassadors. If you know of anyone who might help design it for free and a commercial potential partner to make/distribute, please do feel free to make introductions!
  4. Start doing the pledges! If you have already – invite people you know friends or those in authority to get involved and do the pledges too. Get them to click in the box when they make a pledge.

Thank you. 
0915-0036 PR4Photos - Truro Cathedral - Sarah Newton MP
steve pledge 2
2015-07-25 12.31.28


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